Worked on my thank-you’s for all my kickbutt donors for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. 100+ ribbons. Check. (Belated I know! But they’re hitting your mailboxes soon!)
THANK YOU to everyone who came out Monday night and sent their love via the interwebs!!! Including online donations, we raised $620 for cancer research!!!! You all are amazing!!!!! #dfmc #dfmc25
Running for you Graham Cracker and Grandpa Chuckles. Missed every day. Support cancer research. Http:// #DFMC #marathon #tbt
#tbt left pic from 2013 training and right pic from 2014. Some things don’t change. Thanks Heartbreak Bill for pushing us back on the course during this winter training. Knowing you’ll be there cheering on these blistery, cold long runs keeps me out there. Still lookin’ good, my friend. Http://
“It always seems impossible until it is done.”
Another nice reminder on my morning commute. Lao-Tse and John Wooden
Always there when I need ya. Love you, Auntie Penny. Thanks for always reminding me to look on the bright side  of life and know everything will be alright. #running #foryou